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Twenty Problem Solving Skills For MATHCOUNTS
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Contents (sample file, click to open)
Chapter 1 Magic Squares (sample file, click to open)

Chapter 2 LCM and GCD

Chapter 3 Tiles

Chapter 4 How Many Faces Are Painted 

Chapter 5 How Many Triangles With Integer Lengths 

Chapter 6 How Many Ways To Walk
Chapter 7 Newton's little Formula and Application
Chapter 8 Integer Solutions (Part 1)  (sample file, click to open)

Chapter 9 Integer Solutions  (Part 2)

Chapter 10 PIE

Chapter 11 Pythagorean Triples

Chapter 12 Cutting Regions

Chapter 13 Counting Triangles

Chapter 14 Counting Rectangles

Chapter 15 Balls and Boxes

Chapter 16 Clock Problems

Chapter 17 Page Numbers

Chapter 18 Finding Minimum Maximum Values with Inequalities

Chapter 19 Digits Arrangement

Chapter 20 Perimeter Area and Volume
Each chapter consists of three parts:
(1) Basic Knowledge and Skills
(2) Problems
(3) Solutions

Or you can purchase two books (twenty skills and twenty more skills) at the price of $39.99:

Two books $39.99.
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