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Geometry Through Competitions book is useful for school Geometry courses, Geometry competitions, Mathcounts Competitions, AMC 10/12 Competitions, and SAT II Subject Test. 


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Chapter 1 Angles                                                                                                        1

Chapter 2  Classification of Triangles                                                             21

Chapter 3 Congruent Triangles                                                                                  47

Chapter 4 Similar Triangles                                                                                         71 

Chapter 5 Pythagorean Theorem                                                                                94

Chapter 6 Geometric Inequality                                                                                 114

Chapter 7 Trigonometry and Right Triangles                                                             132

Chapter 8 Angle Bisector and Median                                                                       161

Chapter 9 Rectangles and Squares                                                                             187 

Chapter 10  Parallelograms                                                                                         216

Chapter 11 Trapezoid                                                                                                 240

Chapter 12 Polygons                                                                                                   265 

Chapter 13 Perimeter And Areas                                                                                283 

Chapter 14 Volume                                                                                                     304

Chapter 15 Circles - Angle                                                                                         327

Chapter 16  Circles - Line Segment Calculation                                                        341

Chapter 17  Area Method                                                                                           364

Chapter 18 Geometric Probability                                                                              384

Index                                                                                                                           398

The problems in this program are drawn from the following state wide math competitions (Geometry). We would like to thank them.

The North Carolina State High School Math Contest (http://www.ncssm.edu/smc/). The State Mathematics Contest was initiated in 1979. The contest is under the sponsorship of the North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the State Department of Public Instruction.


Indiana State Math Contest (http://ictm.onefireplace.org/mathcontest).

This annual contest is provided by the Indiana Council of Teachers of Mathematics (ICTM) and governed by policies approved by ICTM for Indiana Colleges and Universities to host Indiana students for the contest. This math contest has been approved by the Division of School Activities and the Indiana Association of School Principals.


Alabama Statewide High School Math Contest (http://mcis.jsu.edu/mathcontest/).

This annual contest (32nd in 2013) is sponsored by Alabama Council Of Teachers Of Mathematics and The Alabama Association Of College Teachers Of Mathematics.


TMTA High School Math Contests (http://www.tmta.info/contests.php). This contest (first math contest exam giving in 1957) is sponsored by the Tennessee Mathematics

Teachers’ Association. The contest exams are prepared at least a year in advance by college or university math departments. They are administered on the same morning in April at numerous testing centers (usually colleges or universities) around Tennessee.

ACTM State High School Mathematics Contest (http://www.actm.net/math-contest.html). This annual contest is conducted by The Arkansas Council of Teachers of Mathematics (ACTM).


Illinois State High School Math Contest (http://www.ictm.org/links/contest.html)

This annual contest is conducted by The Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

The UNC Charlotte High School Math Contest (http://math2.uncc.edu/~hbreiter/problems/UNCC.html).