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AMC 8 Preparation Book (Volume 7 PDF file)


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This book containing five sets of American Mathematics Competitions 8 Practice tests.   All problems have the detailed solutions. 

This book can be used by students who are preparing for middle school math competitions such as American Mathematics Competitions 8, Mathcounts, or SAT I and II math exams.

All sets were field tested with our students preparing for the AMC 8 Exam of November 2018 and revised based on those tests.

We would also like to thank the following people who kindly reviewed the manuscripts and made valuable suggestions and corrections: Christopher Chen (California), Patrick Chu (California),Yubo Wu (California), Jason MingHan Dong (Canada), Aaron Hu ( Florida), Vivek Sandrapaty (Florida), Davis Mo (Illinois), Nathan Zhong (Maryland), Kaylee Ji (Massachusetts), Andy Xu (Massachusetts), Andrew Zhang (Minnesota), Becky Liu (Missouri), Lawrence Zhang (Nevada), Cheng Peng (New Jersey), Luke Chen (North Carolina), Kevin Y. Yang (Texas), Rachel Liu (Texas). Patrick Yang (WA). 

Special thanks go to Albert Chu (California, Perfect scorer on 2013 AMC 8) who also did the test 2 and made invaluable comments and suggestions.

Please contact mymathcounts@gmail.com for suggestions, corrections, or clarifications. 


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