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2016 Summer AMC 8 Training Program

Cost: $360 per person

Registration: (registration is open. Please email [email protected] if you have any question)

We will use Google Hangouts/Skype to have the video/audio classes. The class will be recorded and you can review anytime.

2016 Summer AMC 8 training program is for students who are preparing for the November 2016 AMC 8 and December 2016 Mathcounts Chapter (and State) Competitions. The program is online with blackboard writing, audio, and video (using Google Hangouts with Share Screen/Skype/SketchUp tools).

In each lesson, we will have a lecture about the basic knowledge/skills with plenty of examples, mainly following our books "AMC 8 Preparation"
. We will provide around 20 practice problems after each lesson as homework. Students can post any questions they may have on our discussion forum for this program.

Since the Google Hangouts can only handle 14 people at a time, we can have at most 14 students. If you would like to register, please register as soon as possible.
You will need a gmail account and the following plugin to access Google Hangouts:


Draft Schedules

from June 6, 2016 to August 22, 2016

Price: $360

Two lectures each week. Every Monday and Thursday starting 7:30 to 8:30 PM (Eastern Time)

1. Perimeter and areas  
2. Patterns                        
3. Logical reasoning                      
4. Operations with fractions                            
5 Even and odd  
6 Word problems related to percent                  
7. Transformations                    
8. Consecutive integers                      
9. Operations with decimals                        
10. Sets and Venn diagram                        
11. Counting techniques                      
12. Divisibility    
13. Geometric visualization                        
14.  Factors                  
15. Prime numbers                      
16. Ratio, rate and proportion
17. Least common multiple and greatest common factor
18. Solving equations      
19. Special symbols and operations                            
20. Remainder
21. Sequences and series                          
22. Functions
23. Pythagorean Theorem
24. Probability
25. Angles and triangles
26. Rectangles and Squares
27. Trapezoid
28. Volumes