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2014 AMC 8 Training Program

(We are planning to have about 9 students in this program.  If there is no space available, your money will be refunded. Thank you.)

Date: September 6 - Nov. 15, 2014.

The class is full. Note:

Google Hangouts allow more than 14 people to watch and listen to the video call, but only allow 14 people to talk during the class. 
So if you are interested, you are able to join the class, listen to the teacher, and watch the video online in real time. You can also login to the forum to 
get the class notes and homework, ask for help, and post any questions, but because of the Google Hangout restriction, you cannot speak during the class.
The most important thing for this class is to review the notes, do homework, and do many practice tests posted in the forum after the class time. Since the class will be recorded, students can review them any time.
If you like to join, please register below.

Every Saturday from 7:00 to 9:10 pm, Eastern Time, 10 minutes break between the hours.

Price: $330.

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Drafted Schedules (final schedule will be posted in the forum)


Chapter 1 Patterns   

Chapter 2 Geometric visualization

Chapter 3 Angles chasing

Chapter 4 Special Symbols And Operations

Chapter 5 Logical reasoning                     

Chapter 6 Consecutive integers                  

Chapter 7 Even and odd                     

Chapter 8 Sets and Venn diagram                  

Chapter 9 Counting techniques                  

Chapter 10 Sequences and series                  

Chapter 11 Divisibility                     

Chapter 12 Word problems related to percents                  

Chapter 13 Factors                        

Chapter 14 Operations with fractions                  

Chapter 15 Terminating and repeating decimals                  

Chapter 16 Prime numbers                     

Chapter 17 Ratio rate proportion                   

Chapter 18 Least Common Multiple And Greatest Common Factor      

Chapter 19 Remainder                     

Chapter 20 Perimeter and areas

Chapter 21 Solving equations

Chapter 22 Probability


Please email to [email protected] if you have any questions. Thank you.